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Dust Collection 101

Posted by Rebecca Alston on Mar 30, 2017 5:49:04 PM
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 Dust Collection is of the utmost importance to worker safety and maintaining OSHA compliance. 

Not all components of a dust collection system are created equally.  A few components that can enhance the systems performance are the type of bags and type of gauge used.


  • Bags & Cages.jpgStandard 16 oz. polyester Bags –

    Filtration efficiency 0.01 Grains/dscf at 2 microns

  • Micro Denier Type 

    Filtration efficiency 0.005 grains/dscf at 1 micron

  •  we can increase filtration efficiency in any dust collector by replacing industry standard Polyester bags by changing the filter media to Schenck DynaMac.

    Magnahelic Gauge 

  • takes a difference in pressure across tube sheets to see whether they are dirty and whether the bags need to be changed.  You visibly look to see whether the differential pressure is low or high.

  Photohelic Gauge

  • has contacts that when it gets too high it fires the cleaning mechanism and cleans it on demand so your differential pressure will drop. You can save on compressed air by changing your bags which is the most expensive commodity in the production facility.  You will achieve better efficiency in the same dust colector.

  Send us your bag house size, dust loading and airflow and we will calculate your yearly savings,

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